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Direct Drive For Dollars (September 11-22, 2017)

Direct Drive is back.  Our first major fundraiser of the year will kickoff on September 11.  The Direct Drive is a fundraising made simple; no selling, no buying. You are invited to make a straight donation to the PTO. Any amount is appreciated and is tax deductible.  Last school year the PTO spent approximately $65 per student to fund programs, equipment and technology in all classrooms and at all grade levels.

The PTO purchased several more chromebooks for every regular education classroom.  We also purchased new curtains for the stage in the cafeteria, an ice machine for the nurse’s office, playground equipment, and gave each teacher a check to offset classroom costs.

Your support of PTO and this fundraiser is vital.  You are the only funding source for the PTO.

The DIRECT DRIVE FOR DOLLARS allows LOM PTO to keep 100 percent of the money donated.

Please use the link below to donate via Paypal.